Case Study: Pre-Installation of Internet services at Apartment Developments in Melbourne

In the heart of Maribynong sits the spacious, vibrant and comfortable Ultimo Apartments.

The 84 modern apartments are located just minutes away from Ascot Rd tram, cafes and local shops- Perfect to make a big impact on those lifestyle seekers! This redeveloped stylish building is within the boundaries of Melbourne’s historical arms industry. The area used to be busting with factories that would supply to our troops during World War two. So not only are these apartments beautiful and in style- they come with heaps of interesting history!

The building management wanted to make sure they were meeting the expectations of today’s young professionals, and due to people taking the internet for granted it was of great importance to provide a high quality internet service with the accommodation.

At Freedom Internet, we were more than happy to provide this service by assessing the requirements of the site and quickly providing a fantastic internet solution that worked appropriately for the building.

“We have already been rolling out Freedom Internet to all our buildings, and introducing Freedom Internet to our OC Manager colleagues. As the need for ultra- fast internet service for apartment residents to connect to is a broad issue”. Simon Winter, Winter Stewart OC Managers.”

How does our internet service work and add value to the building? We are more than happy to share!

  • We cable the building during the construction phase and make sure each router has been tested to ensure a strong wireless connection for all tenants.
  • Not only is fibre available in most locations, we provide faster upload and download speeds.
  • At Freedom Internet, we have enables residents to choose the convenience of pre-connected internet services.
  • The building management receive free data and can connect their CCTV to our service.


We don’t just stop there! We made sure our system was thoroughly checked and tested through out each floor after the installations were completed. Freedom Internet wanted to ensure our installation achieved a high level of Wi-Fi connectivity before the residents used our service. The wireless Internet service has been active since September 2015 and is still being used happily by all the residents today!

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