Freedom Internet’s unique hybrid solution for residential apartment buildings

With consumer demand for high speed connectivity and the continuous postponement and disappointment of the NBN in most areas they service, Freedom have been nimble in offering sophisticated Internet and technology solutions, seeing their success soar to new heights in 2018.

Freedom Internet offer a unique hybrid Internet solution for “smart” residential apartment buildings throughout most major cities in Australia and New Zealand, most popular in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Auckland.

What is their “hybrid solution?” In short, they provide what the NBN plus an Internet Service Provider (ISP) do – and more! To summarise, this is broken down into 3 parts.


Freedom Internet partner with Fibre wholesalers to bring high speed Internet from the street into the apartment building. In addition, for maximum user up-time (redundancy) OR where fibre has not yet been rolled to the address (common in Australia) Freedom tap into their 500 site strong roof network for core or back up fibre access. Freedom then pull Cat6 (10Gb) or OS1 (10Gb) cabling from the MDF room through to each level and into each apartment, or utilise pre-existing cables, without inhibiting other use.

In case you missed that, Freedom can beat the NBN, AND offer more user uptime than any other ISP due to their extensive rooftop network.


Freedom don’t stop at the cable. They install an Internet access point into each apartment, and multiple points discreetly throughout the property too, meaning occupants can connect, and stay connected anywhere, anytime. This includes throughout resident facilities such as the gym, pool, gardens and more. In case that wasn’t enough, Freedom offer a complimentary data package for building management services, too, such as CCTV and security systems. Freedom access points become a feature of the building, so residents never have to wait for ISP installations, that’s a thing of the past.


In addition to their NBN alternative +ISP + site wide coverage + building services, Freedom also have a family of products designed for sophisticated apartment communities. Products include a building management and resident App, “Buddy” and a Community Digital Noticeboard, “Digiboard.”

Owners Corporation Managers rejoice! Everything residents need to know about their residence will live in their pockets. Buddy houses all building information including facilities, body corporate rules, management details, preferred suppliers etc, and acts as a two-way communication tool between the resident and building management, bringing efficiencies to the way buildings are run and ease to those that live there. Digital communication is an expectation today, and Buddy certainly fits the bill for apartment residents. In fact, Freedom utilised their network of trusted OC and Building Managers throughout the development of Buddy, to ensure the product ticks all the boxes for their customers.

Digiboard is a 49 inch screen located in the lobby of the building to communicate information specific to the resident and community. Displaying information such as building notices , preferred suppliers, management hours, what’s on in the community and more, you can say goodbye to snap-lock frames and pin boards for a more upmarket feel at your site. Site managers will have easy access to update building notices instantly, how’s that for efficient?


In some cases, Freedom Internet offer their entire product suite at no cost to the developer or building owner. Like any investment, Freedom has a minimum criteria to be eligible for full or part capital contribution. While the team at Freedom are the best people to talk with to look at solutions for your site, a brief summary of what they usually look for:

  • Minimum of 80 residential apartments
  • Greenfields site, pre or early construction

Freedom Internet is privately owned, licenced telecommunications company. For more information contact:

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