How we complete your installs

Here at Freedom Internet, our engineers take great care in making sure you are connected efficiently to provide you with our fast, reliable service. They take great pride in their customer care making sure you are set up correctly with all your devices connecting to your new correct signal.
Take a read and see how our engineers connect you to our great service!

To begin the installation, the engineer will locate the riser in your building, which is where all the main cables are stored that run through to all the apartments. Due to these cables running through to the units, no intrusive work needs to take place at your apartment- which means no drilling holes into your lovely walls! A great plus to using our service!
Our Friendly engineer will notify you that they have arrived and begin to send out a tone from your apartment. For us non-tech savvy people, this means a frequency has been sent to the riser to identify which cable will be running through to your room.

Once this has been identified, the work in the riser can begin! A cable provided by the freedom internet engineer will be run from the krone where your room cable is terminated to Freedom Internets equipment which provides you our fibre speed fast connection! All this work allows us to connect you to your own router onto our private network.
The engineer will come back to your apartment and ask you where you would prefer the router to be placed. They will always recommend the best area to place this to give you the best service and will go with your preferred choice. From here the engineer will identify whether your apartment has a junction box or a daisy chain of cables.

The junction box will have all the cables coming together to a central point where we can locate the main cable. The daisy chain is a serial of cables running through all of the rooms in your apartment one by one. Which ever the case, our engineers can successfully connect your brand-new device to the main existing cable. From here, the device is then tested and tuned up to guarantee you will be receiving the best speeds! The router is then stuck onto the wall to keep this secure- Don’t panic! All of the Building Managers are aware of this process and no damage will occur!

And our engineers don’t stop there! They want to make sure you don’t have any hassle and you are connected straight away! If you already have an account, they will make sure it’s connecting to your new router. If not, they will help you set this up – no worries! Again, not all of us are Tech savvy geniuses, so our engineers will happily help to make sure all of your devices are connecting to your correct signal- we help to make your day easier!

Go online and send through your request today! Our engineers are ready to get you connected to a world of Freedom!

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