Is Freedom Internet A Better Choice To NBN?

Freedom Internet is a far superior service to the NBN. Here’s three key reasons why:

  1. We service our customers the BEST internet available – Freedom Internet has a huge network across our capital cities that mean we can deliver where other’s can’t. We use the best technology available to serve the best possible Internet to our customers. We have a huge proprietary wireless network that offers multi-point redundancy to our buildings. We leverage Fibre, Copper, Carrier Wireless and other technologies to ensure the most reliable and fastest Internet service is delivered to your building and residents.
  2. We Care – Nobody is perfect, but we want to know your problems before you do. We have a fantastic helpdesk who proactively monitor our services and knows there’s a problem before you do. We actually care for our customers and want them to have the best internet experiences. Our helpdesk has real people, low wait times, and great customer service.
  3. We’re online and always ready – One of our major advantages is that we are installed during the building construction phase. Our Internet is ready before settlement ensuring the moment an apartment is occupied we are ready to serve fantastic Internet. That means no upfront costs, no wait times and backed by our no contracts policy, you’re online in 5 minutes.


How do we do it?

Technology and standards are constantly changing and as a tech company innovation is one of our core values. We live and breathe technology, utilising it to its capacity to deliver outstanding internet. Our technical team has carefully configured our network to ensure an ‘always on’ robust and reliable user experience. We’ve done this by complying with, and far exceeding, AS/NZS 3080:2003 requirements.

Our building project installation service is something we pride ourselves on. The Freedom team of Project Managers, installers, and network engineers are specialist in their field who thrive on positive outcomes through clear communication and professional coordination.

Safety is the cornerstone of our implementations. We take safety very seriously, so much so that we have never had a worksite injury. We can provide detailed SWMS and always perform risk assessments prior to work. We have daily briefings to ensure we are up to date in an ever-changing project.

We pride ourselves on being fast, clean, and easy to work with. The outcome is an on time, high spec project that implements using quality equipment and best practices to ensure a superior service to the end user.

If you would like to talk with Freedom Internet about your next project, contact us today.

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