Shoalhaven Testimonial

“Shoalhaven’s internet requirements were for fast, easy, economical access for residents, who often want a access as soon as they move in. Freedom offered the Body Corporate a means to offer this service, a big plus for the building.

Freedom was recommended by a property manager with a number of apartments here. He had a apartments in several properties offering Freedom Internet. After the initial contact, installation went smoothly, and over the years Freedom have upgraded their equipment so that they always offer a high quality service. Service calls are always answered promptly, without hours of being on hold, and any issues remedied within a short time.

Three words to describe Freedom Internet? Fast, reliable, unlimited.

As Building Managers and users of Freedom Internet, we appreciate the patient, friendly efficient service offered by the techs, help desk staff and account managers.”


Jenni Weir

Building Manager

Shoalhaven, Takapuna, NZ

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