Top 4 Things you should consider when choosing an Internet Service Provider for your Building or Resort

Looking into Building or Resort Internet Service Providers?


  1. If you’re considering investing in your own infrastructure through a Building or Resort Internet Service Provider, be prepared to make an investment and be realistic with what return you expect to get. Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) typically charge upfront fees starting from $20k to $30k with ongoing maintenance costs. When looking at the return on investment, be realistic! Often businesses present high forecasted returns so use the information available to you to make a sound judgement call. Tip: Ask the provider what they make and if they are a good partner, they will share this with you. Ask for some reference sites of a similar size that have had their solution for long enough to get a good gage.

  2. Provide your guests with the best Internet experience, enabling them to play their favourite games, stream videos and watch movies comfortably – Make sure you’re installing quality equipment and cabling to “future proof” your resort as you will find your guests’ entertainment habits and technology are rapidly changing. The days of “device free holidays” are well and truly over!
    When considering an ISP, it is important to understand how they are going to keep your infrastructure up-to-date, delivering the best service, speeds and reliability and most importantly – who is going to pay for that. Given the speed of technology advancements, be prepared to upgrade your equipment within 2-3 years, potentially paying another $20-$30k in outlay costs so make sure to ask questions and read the fine print!

    For technology upgrades and providers, find out all your options and costs and understand what will happen to your network when the NBN or other connection upgrades become available in your area. Ensure you are comparing apples with apples – seek out any additional fees!

  3. Security- Make sure you’re working with a licensed telecommunications carrier therefore meeting all government compliance, consumer and security regulations. Understand who is accountable and who owns the risk!

  4. Get 24/7 technical and customer support. As a property owner or manager, reputation is everything. The last thing you want is to receive bad customer reviews or star ratings to deter new guests from visiting your resort or deal with the cumbersome headaches of Internet outages or connection issues. When comparing building or resort Internet Service Providers, make sure you understand their commitment to you, their service level agreements, and whether they can provide you with any guarantees to protect your customers and your investment.
    Before signing on the dotted line, try calling their support team at busy times to get a good understanding of how quickly they’ll respond and resolve your guests’ issues in a professional and timely manner.

    It’s so important to do your homework before choosing an Internet Service Provider. Do your due diligence and choose a licensed telecommunications carrier who is reliable, has a proven track record and will be financially viable for your resort.

    Don’t get lured into false return promises with high set up costs and cheap equipment – understand the long game!

    If you’re contemplating servicing your building or resort with an Internet Service Provider, contact Freedom Internet, experts in building, resort and apartment Internet. We will be able to give you advice to assist you with finding the best solution for you and your guests.

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