Top Tips for Working at Home

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Scroll down for some top tips to keep you motivated, safe and efficient while working from home.

Top Tips for Working from Home

Get Comfy

Make sure you have a dedicated space to work from. This area needs to be professional looking in case you have to make video calls, ergonomic and safe along with being an easy place to leave your work behind when you finish for the day. So the bed, the kitchen bench or the couch are probably out but the dining table might be a good choice.

Plan Your Day

As colleagues can’t just walk over and ask tasks of you on the spot, influencing your day’s priorities as they might in a physical office, it might help to book blocks out each day to work on different projects. Also, don’t forget, you still need to take breaks and ensure adequate time away from your screen.

Kids Technology & Online Schooling

In the event of a school closure, be prepared. Make sure your child has a quiet, comfortable, ergonomic space to work in. If they don’t have a suitable space, if possible, see if your child can study at a friend’s house. Otherwise, you may need to get creative.
You will also need to ensure they have a device they can use and they’re comfortable handling. If you don’t have a device, reach out to your child’s school friends, family, and community to borrow one for the duration.
Have your child practice on their device prior to being at home. And, most importantly, make sure they can access their class team pages, assignments, school emails and any other curriculum.

Be Connected

You need to make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection at home.
You don’t want to be buffering during that important Skype call or wait forever to pull files down from the Cloud.
See below for how we can help with this!

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